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There's a moment of magic when a musician goes beyond the ordinary and the unexplainable happens. We're here to capture that moment at the highest quality possible. An album needs to be right for this point in an artists career, and continue to sound good into the future.




We're Mobile! We can come to you. We work closely with local studios if you want a larger environment.



With over 7 years of experience, we can meet your budget and creative needs. Mix your next album with Destination Sound.



Send us your files, and we can add the final polishing steps to bring your mixes to life with quality, care and precision.


Meet Your Budget

On a budget? No worries, Destination Sound will find a package that works for you. No one should have to sacrifice quality.

Hires Matters

Destination Sound masters for Itunes, CD, and all Hirez formats, including DSD (Direct Stream Digital). The quality and format used for the mastering process helps to shape the sound and bring it to life. Contact us to discuss how we can help with your project. We want to give every musician a chance to have the best sounding album. Sound quality is a major step in enhancing a songs energy and preserving songs creative intention.

Let Us Listen!

Every project can benefit from a fresh set of ears. Whether your question is about mixing, mastering or the sonic direction of your project, contact us to schedule a listening session in one of our studios. Simply upload files; it’s a great opportunity to make Destination a part of your production team.

Request a Quote

Every Project is different. Some artists record at home and need help mixing. Other times only a final polish is need. Some groups don't like getting involved in the recording process and just want to play. Regardless of what stage you are in, we can help you complete your album. Send us an email or give us a call to talk more about your project.

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